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MemSQL’s Key Advantages Over Oracle

10x Faster
Accelerate time to insight with a database built for ultra fast ingest & high performance queries
1/4 the Cost
Simple, single-product subscription, with a software-only platform that’s easy to manage & patch at dramatic cost savings
Zero Hassle
Powerful management tooling accelerates deployment, backups, and administration tasks with an intuitive interface

Built for maximum ingest, fast query, and high concurrency to help you process, analyze, and act on data instantly. Available in the cloud, on Kubernetes, or on-premises.

Oracle doesn't support concurrent transactional and analytical workloads in a single system. It's not designed to manage semi-structured or unstructured data involved in today's demanding workloads.

Database Model

Relational DBMS

Relational DBMS

DBaaS Offering

Oracle Cloud

Data Ingest

Deliver insights in real-time with lock-free ingestion and fast analytic queries to serve instant responses to fast changing customer or operational events.

It is not build to be a scale-out database. It has limited horizontal scale-out, which impacts its speed and scalability.

5 / 5
5 / 5

Rapidly deploy the integrated software only environment on standard hardware for dramatically less complexity and manageability.

Tightly integrated hardware and software configurations results in weeks to months of challenging patching and upgrades tying up DBA resources and impacting end user experiences.

5 / 5
3 / 5

Cloud-first designed platfom is fully integrated to eliminate deployment complexity resulting in ultra-fast go-live delivery on any cloud or datacenter.

On-premises complexity results in several months of development and testing while deployment optimizations are only available on Oracle Cloud.

5 / 5
2 / 5

Scale-out architecture efficiently and quickly responds to growing workloads leveraging commodity hardware without add-ons or specialized tuning expertise.

Growth in data volume and user concurrency is addressed with costly add-ons, specialized hardware upgrades, or premium tuning experts.

5 / 5
3 / 5
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Simple single product subscription with easy to manage and patch software platform delivers performance with dramatic cost savings.

About Licensing

Requires specialized hardware. Expensive maintenance contracts, database options, and upgrade fees result in continuously rising TCO.

5 / 5
3 / 5
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MemSQL is a highly scalable solution capable of delivering accelerated performance with dramatic cost savings.
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Customer Success

MemSQL is Trusted by The World’s Top Brands

Top 5 US Telco Company

100x Faster Queries Using MemSQL’s Simplified Data Architecture

100x Faster Performance

Parallel real-time ingestion combined with fast query processing

Easy to Manage

Single database product simplifies setup and administration tasks

Accelerated ROI

Simplified architecture leveraging relational ANSI SQL enabled rapid go-live

Cost Effective

Dramatic cost savings without acclerator add-ons and standard hardware
Top 5 US Telco Company
Top 5 US Telco Company
Fortune 500 US Energy Company

Massive Cost Savings with Real-Time Invoice Reconciliation

20x Faster Performance

Fast query results powered by columnar and in-memory processing

45-Day Implementation

Standard relational database model with ANSI SQL enable easy transition of existing technology

Daily to Hourly Detection

Lock-free ingestion combined with fast queries identifies fraud by the hour vs by the day

Improved Concurrency

Efficient scale-out architecture delivers report access to hundreds of concurrent users
Fortune 500 US Energy Company
Fortune 500 US Energy Company

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MemSQL is the No-Limits DatabaseTM for Modern Applications. Run both transactional and analytical workloads at scale with an integrated, familiar, durable SQL database
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